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Lost in Jesus Ministries

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Christ Our Life

  One of the main objects of the Holy Spirit is to get believers really identified with Christ as the risen and exalted Lord, and to make His risen life real in their experience. As the age moves toward its consummation...the manifestation of Christ...two features will become increasingly evident. On the one hand things, men, movements, institutions, organizations, etc., will pre-dominate and draw multitudes after them, and will attach the crowds to themselves. On the other hand, with a growing disappointment and disillutionment over these, a minority will turn to the Lord Himself to find Him alone as their life...Three elements will inhere in all this. One is the unmistakable development of the Anti-Christ; that will definitley supplant Christ, or intend to do so. The second is the alternative to the whole Christ in man-made Christianity, an imitation life born and carried on by its own momentum. The third, a deep and genuine quest for reality, truth, and inward knowledge of the Lord Himself. In the first case it will be the naked worship of man in human power: a tremendous overflow of humanism, the wonder and glory of man. The third will be Christ altogether as the life...